Integrated System – our solution

Integrated System for Energy Management (ISEM) is a combination of process data aquisition with Information Technology ( IT) techniques. ISEM will help you to manage day-to-day energy and media operations.


ISEM components:
  • Process data aquisiton – gathering data from power meters, water meters and other devices.
  • Control system data – accept additional data from facility control systems already existing via interface.
  • Database link – accept addtional data from existing facility IT/book-keeping databases.
  • Data transmission – wireless communication using free 868MHz radio band – WACO components.
  • Data transmission – uses existing LAN installed for IT ( intranet) by creating additional virtual private network (VPN) for process data transfer single use.
  • Data transmission – using GPRS data transfer utility provided by public cell phone operators nation-wide.


ISEM main contributions to energy-media management.
  • Energy/media consumption time diagrams are presented to thin web clients via real-time applications.
  • Energy/media excessive consumption/loss warnings are sent as SMS or/and e-mail messages.
  • Energy/media consumption trends/balances computation and visualization occurs on-line.
  • Manual read-out errors and elimination of misunderstandings.
  • Automatic data transfer to book-keeping system and to IT-monitoring/controlling system.
  • Automatic data transfer to Electric Power Market Operator ( OTE).
  • ISEM is a flexible and affordable systems.
  • ISEM is easy to implement and to understand.