Selected reference projects


Prague international airpor
Redundant optical network comprising more then 147 Ethernet switches which transfer data between Airport ´s DCS ( Distributed Control System) stations and visualization. Full duplex 100Mbit/sec data transfer is implemented.





Prague municipal heating company
Redundant optical network and DCS extension, remote 27/7/365 service. Redundant optical network is installed parallel to main hot water pipes, its length is nearly 80 kilometers. Hot water is supplied by the Melnik Power Station which offers up to 600MW of heat to satisfy even peak winter demand of customers in Prague.







Prague municipal transport utility, Mrazovka tunnel communication network.

Elektrárna Dukovany



CEZ – Czech Power Station company
Redundant network for Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) information system.










Ceska rafinerska in Litvinov
– oil refinery- revamp of redundant network connecting DCS remote stations to main control room.