WACO system priciples

WACO peripheral stations gather signals from measuring devices and send them via mesh-type network to central a WACO station. An industrial 868MHz radio band is used to transfer data with WACO. Measuring devices connected to WACO peripheral stations may send pulses, analog signals or PWM-coded information. They can also send asynchronous serial frames to WACO peripheral stations using a RS232 or RS485 interface. WACO prefers European M-Bus to connect electric powermeters and other measuring devices to WACO peripheral stations. WACO uses a fully transparent protocol for data transfer. Measuring devices from different vendors (like Actaris, ABB, ELSTER, KROHNE, Siemens…) may be connected to the WACO network without limitation. Decoding of frames takes place by PC to get measured values in engineering units for visualization and storage.